HOA Maintenance

Maintenace1Our HOA Maintenance programs consist of a big afford and team work combined with expert advice from specialists and consultants to optimize assets life and to preserve the neighborhood’s original appeal. A good maintenance program involves a consistent investment of time, effort, and resources that can help postpone or prevent many unnecessary repairs and replacement costs. This is especially important as buildings and facilities naturally age and accumulate everyday wear and tear.

Our maintenance programs are designed to handle the majority of issues and to provide a solid assistance in information and obligations to help minimize property deterioration. Our maintenance schedules, checklists and guidelines contain long-term, annual, and monthly maintenance schedules that have been developed and customized for each association. These schedules and checklists are generated from site walks, observations, reviews, conditions, restrictions and discussions with supervisors to ensure all common assets of the neighborhood have been included. We store all the information in our database and continually check the status of your assets.

Maintenace2We will automatically send you proof of the problem and the possible solution. The strength of any preventive maintenance program relies on a permanent detailed inspection program.